Handheld Video Camera Cage Protective Cage Rig for Sony FX30 FX3

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Aluminum Alloy Handheld Video Camera Cage for Sony FX30 / FX3 Full Protective Dslr Cage Rig




Color: Black

Size: 143*38*95mm

Material: aluminum alloy

Weight: 136g(cage only); with Slider: 172g

Suitable for Sony FX30/FX3


1. Perfect fit to the camera, do not cover camera buttons/interface/battery compartment, no interference;

2. Multiple 1/4 and 3/8 holes, cold shoe interface and Arri positioning holes;

3. The bottom of the cage is a standard Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate,suit for tripods and stabilizers(for DJI RS series).

Note: Camera is Not Included